Premium Gifts

What is a Premium Gift?

Premium gift are not to be confused with corporate gift or door gift. In the world of marketing, premium gift are promotional items that are customized or personalized for the gift receiver with grand, special packaging to create a sense of exclusivity. These gifts are usually higher in terms of the price range for a lower number of receivers. Examples of these include money clips, travel accessories, cufflinks, etc.

Making use of premium gift can help exponentially with business growth. Unfortunately, many businesses are still highly unaware of the effectiveness of using it for their marketing campaigns as it is still viewed as an unnecessary expense. The problem is that these companies still do not realize that premiums might just be the secret ingredient to double their exposure and sales. Business owners fail to realize that this is not just about handing out incentives to encourage a continuation of service. While the budget might be high for premium gift, the highly beneficial results will deem the expenses spent well worth it. The key lies in finding and selecting the perfect gift.


Why do Premium Gift work?


They build your company’s image

Gifting premium gift to your clients and prospective clients could build your brand’s image. Not only does it aid in creating a sense of loyalty with your clients, but it also works its magic in attracting new clients too. Most people tend to immediately associate with companies that come off as considerate. Thus, giving premium gift could be the opportunity for your firm to build better relationships with both existing and potential clients. Look no further for the key to building your brand’s new attractive image!


They help boost your company’s brand recognition

Utilising premium gift as a marketing strategy goes a long, long way, but the key to achieving success with gift lies in the specific gift you select. For instance, gifting a long-lasting product from your very own brand that is essential for daily use can have a long-term impact on the success and development of your business. Gifts like this include a personalised gift box filled with promotional water bottles, phone cases, laptop bags, high-quality pens, premium office supplies, coffee mugs, etc. What more can you do to boost your brand recognition? Imprint the company’s logo on your premium gift and all you’ll have to do is sit back and let your business and brand recognition grow. When being used, they will raise awareness for your brand to everybody the gift is exposed to.


They make your premium gift receivers feel special

What’s more? Who says that premium gift should only contain ordinary items like company T-shirts or pens? Why not a new product that’s hard to get and yet to be released to the market? Gifts like these will shine a new light on your company and give others the impression that your company is trendy and different. This will also be highly effective in obtaining new clients as it acts as an indication that your company cares a lot about giving its clients the best, most unique items, which would allow your clients to feel exclusive.


They’re the perfect investment

The secret to acing premium gift also lies in making sure you’re getting the best value for the amount that you’re spending. Most of the time, business owners only give gift to a smaller amount of clients. This adds to showing them how exclusive and important they truly are to your company, but it also helps to make sure your costs are low. Therefore, you’ll be able to have the highest return on your investment as long as you’re able to find the perfect gifts for a specific amount of clients for a good price.



Most successful business owners have begun to realize how well premium gift can help increase customers, boost their brand and even better customer relations. Implementing the use of premium gift in your marketing campaign even subtly in seminars or workshops is now essential for businesses that want to develop and grow with the times.

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