About Us

Gateway Premium Trading emerged as a pioneering sole proprietorship in the Gifts industry in 2017. We faced significant challenges, relying on our own efforts and limited resources. However, our hard work bore fruit, and we achieved revenue generation in the same year.

Building on our two years of profitable operations, we gained substantial confidence and made the strategic decision to expand our business in 2019. This
led to the establishment of All Premium Gifts Sdn. Bhd., a significant milestone that propelled us to remarkable success, with millions in sales during its inaugural year. Nevertheless, we acknowledge that wealth can present both opportunities and challenges. In the face of immense temptation, human flaws can become magnified. This translated into concerns regarding the integrity and loyalty of our business partners, ultimately necessitating the dissolution of All Premium Gifts Sdn. Bhd. in 2023.

Undeterred by this setback, we embraced our failures as valuable lessons and embarked on a new venture. Thus, All Corporate Gifts Sdn. Bhd. was born, marking our resilience
and commitment to growth. Serendipitously, we secured prestigious appointments as Gifts Specialist for multiple international companies in the same year. Despite our modest team size of 3, we demonstrated our ability to overcome obstacles and deliver on our promises. The encouraging outcomes validated our dedication to professionalism and the fulfillment of client expectations.

Fortunately, we did not disappoint those who placed their trust in us. Recognizing the potential of a dedicated small team, we attracted exceptional talent and assembled a highly capable workforce. Guided by our unwavering beliefs, unwavering passion, and clear vision, we continue to strive for excellence and remain proud of the remarkable team we have cultivated.

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