What is a Door Gift?

With uncertainty in the economy comes budgeting and reconsidering your spending priorities. What exactly is the best marketing tactic for a high return on your investment? Online advertisements? Billboards? Influencer marketing? What about door gift?
Door gift or goody bags are handed out to a wide range of people at company roadshows, events, exhibitions, or weddings. There are a few main reasons to use door gift as your company’s new favourite marketing strategy, some of these being a) to bring exposure to your brands, b) to attract a larger crowd to check out your event, and c) to show off specific traits of your brand e.g trendy, professional, exclusive, etc. Moreover, door gifts are important in establishing a great relationship with new, prospective customers. Take it as a first step or even an open door to a trusting, loyal new client!


So how exactly do you pick the perfect door gift?


Determine the basics of your event

Take a second and think about the type of function that would help boost your brand’s image. Firstly, identify the type of event you plan to host and its theme. Are you planning to organize a roadshow, a launch, or will your company’s door gift be given out at your company’s networking event? Secondly, choose the impression you would like to leave on those you hand out your door gift to. Would you like your brand to come off as one that is trendy or one that is high profile and premier? Take your pick to set the theme for the perfect door gift.


Choose your ideal door gift supplier

There are so many ways you can go wrong with door gift. Most of the time, companies end up selecting the cheapest gift they can find, but these gifts usually end up being incredibly low in quality. Thus, to find the perfect door gift, make it a priority to select a gift supplier that offers high-quality items for a low price. Examples of these include promotional tote bags, pens, water bottles, lanyards, notebooks, thumb drives, and even hair ties! Once you find a gift supplier that can provide you with trustworthy products, you’re set to go onto step 3!


Personalize, personalize, personalize

What kind of tone would you like to convey to your audience? Consider personalising your door gift with specific colours and designs. If your audience will mostly be youths, use colours that are in their wavelength or fits with their aesthetic, such as pastels. However, if your audience will be adults, try neutral colours instead of the standard red or gold so your door gift will be suitable for them to carry for any occasion. Furthermore, do not hesitate to add in a thank you note for stopping by and learning more about your brand. This adds to the personalised experience you want to provide to your audience to boost brand love and gain customer loyalty. Moreover, selecting gifts that are suitable for your target audience’s daily use would also help you in boosting brand recognition because the more they use them, the more the people around them will start to notice your brand logo on the gifts. Who says advertising can’t be incredibly inexpensive?


Pick the right packaging

Door gifts are loved and used by many businesses because of how low-cost they are and how beneficial they are for a brand’s marketing. One of the more inexpensive, yet classy types of packaging is using plastic wrapping for packaging. However, an inexpensive and tactical package is by using the gift itself. For instance, if you’re going to be giving out tote bags amongst other things such as pens and thumb drives, why not hand out the tote bag itself with the rest of the gifts inside it? It’ll be convenient to hand out these goody bags too.

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