Custom Lanyard

How To Choose The Best Type of Custom Lanyard To Suit You?

So you want a custom lanyard, but which one is the one for you?

Cards have become something most people bring with them wherever they go, whether they be credit cards, debit cards, identification cards, or key cards. Now with safety and security measures being implemented in almost all workspaces, offices, and housing areas, many people across Malaysia have started to find that their new key cards or identification cards are in desperate need of a holder or at least some sort of carrier. Without a cardholder, most of these highly essential key cards are going missing or are being misplaced, which brings us to the question…

What is a custom lanyard and what can it do for you?

A lanyard is a strap most people wear around the neck, wrist, or shoulder to carry their cards around. Early uses of lanyards include using lanyards to connect pistols, whistles, or other artillery to a uniform. Nowadays, however, custom lanyards are commonly used to carry tickets, badges, keys, and ID cards to access places where security measures are required, such as offices, hospitals, prisons, private and confidential spaces, etc. Custom lanyards are also used to carry phones, mp3 players, USBs, and various other electronic devices. They are now sported by students, office workers, and even housewives daily.

When deciding on the right custom lanyard for you, take into consideration your ideal material, width, color, and attachments when browsing. Ask yourself if you’re looking to buy in bulk, if you’re looking to imprint a specific logo on it, or if you’re only using it for cards. For instance, if you’re looking for custom lanyards for your organization, you might want all your employees to wear their lanyards on their necks for them to be visible every morning and throughout the day to security guards. Moreover, having your company’s logo on your employees’ lanyards enforces a strong sense of belonging and pride in your employees, giving way to better teamwork and a feeling of exclusiveness from both the inside and outside perspectives.

How about comfortability?

Since you’ll have your custom lanyard on throughout the day for most of the week, your lanyard should also be durable and comfortable. Lately, many companies have been on the search for stretchier lanyards to suit the needs of their large variety of employees. However, in most cases, nylon and cotton-made lanyards are more than adequate in comfortability and durability, making them a popular and economical choice. If you’re looking for a lanyard that is water-resistant, go all out with a neoprene lanyard. Moreover, lanyards made of satin and polyester are the ideal material for printing with all the beautiful colors you can dream of.


What about custom lanyards with designs on them?

If you would like to print a design on your custom lanyard, you must first determine the size you would like your design or brand logo to be to pick the width your lanyard should be. Therefore, whether you’re looking to customize your lanyard with just one short word, or small designs in various colors, or a completely elaborate design, it’s all possible as long as it fits the width of your new lanyard. In addition, nylon, polyester, and satin lanyards allow beautiful, picturesque full-color dye-sublimation for the most visually satisfying look.


What if I would like colors on my custom lanyard?

Well, first, a great person deserves a great custom lanyard and how else to customize your new lanyard with great colors? Selecting a good color compliments a person or organization in a way that allows them to stand out in their own unique way. You can go the tie-dye route, the bright color route, a shiny reflective route, a neutral color route, or even a camouflage color route! When choosing a lanyard, make sure to select one that looks just right for you, your students, or your employees.


Now, what about attachments?

There are many different types of attachments to choose from, but the key to picking the right one is to first determine the purpose of your new lanyard. For instance, if you’re looking to clip your ID cards or name badges, go for a bulldog clip to keep your cards always secure and with you. However, if you’re only looking to hold your keys securely, opt for a plastic O-ring attachment! In addition to this, you could also go for a built-in retractable badge reel to add convenience to the process of swiping your card or badge.



There you have it! You’re set to shop for your new custom lanyard. Remember to keep your eye out for all the materials, colors, attachments, as well as sizes when browsing!